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Carpet Magic is a family owned and operated business that has been serving the El Paso area for over 30 years

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Perfect for those on a budget

Our "Standard" full service cleaning includes the pre-vacuuming of your carpets to remove most dry soil before we begin, the pre-treating of all your stains and traffic areas to loosen the sugars and oils on those stubborn areas, and finally the cleaning which is all hot water extraction (more commonly called "steam cleaning") from truck mounted van powered units ensuring a powerful and deep clean.

Dri-Magic RX 20 Heavy Duty

A quick dry experience defeating even the toughest stains

Our Premium Dri-Magic service includes everything in the Standard cleaning, but the RX-20 HE unit performs 10 cleaning passes every second providing a heavy duty cleaning while leaving 6 times less moisture behind so you can resume normal activity more quickly after your Dri-Magic cleaning is completed.